Thursday, June 15, 2006

My romantic husband!

As we walked around Venice and the sun was beginning to set, we crossed a bridge and as if by magic a gondolier named Marco appeared and asked if we'd like to take a gondola ride. I said no, but Bob grabbed my hand and insisted we go. We took no photos, just tightly held hands and looked in awe (this was our first night back in Venice). During the day, the canals are filled with gondolas and tourists, but that evening we were alone (or so it seemed). We glided through the waters as the previously gray skies marked the return of the sun at the day's end with streaks of pink and lavander. We told Marco our story, and he took us into the Grand Canal so we could view Piazza San Marco. When he told us it was a tradition to kiss when passing under the Bridge of Sighs, we didn't hesitate.


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